COMMUNITY THAT CONNECTS//COHEN KRAUS Discusses Self-Expression, Self-Discovery, and Self-Love

Communication That Connects is a great opportunity to hear from LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC individuals as they discuss what they do, what they love, and learn along the way. On March 11th, we had our first Communication That Connects live stream event with Cohen Kraus (He/They). Cohen is an actor, writer, director, and educator based in Chicago, IL. We talked about self-expression, self-discovery, and self-love through Judaism, storytelling, and community.

In 2018, Cohen came out as “Cohen” in a one-person show titled, "On Being: Cohen." This show marked the introduction of his pronouns, they/them, and a journey of self-expression and identity. Since its Wright State University premiere, the show has been produced in several more cities including Chicago, NYC, North Carolina, and Cincinnati. In December 2020, Cohen used Tik Tok to introduce his pronouns, he/him. In Community That Connects, Cohen discussed a fixation in the community on identities being finished or set. In Cohen’s words, “The Tik Tok is about this idea of we’re always growing and we’re always changing and we’re always evolving.” He continued to say, “I wanted to make this Tik Tok to make space for everyone else to grow and change with me.”

Later when asked what it means to represent himself, he followed up on the idea of this growing journey. The pandemic has played a role in this journey and the effects of representing yourself due to increased isolation. In Cohen’s case, it’s allowed him time to discover himself without having to be "on" all the time. We went on to discuss more about Judaism and Cohen’s past trip to Israel in relation to gender and identity.


It’s Faith’s personal favorite and was created to remind people of their worth, that they deserve meaningful relationships, and they don’t have to settle.

Want to see the full live stream event and learn more about Cohen? Check out the live stream below!

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