MUSIC THAT CONNECTS//STAWSKI Discusses Quarantine, Taylor Swift, and Religious Turmoil

April 22, 2021 | We had a conversation with Pittsburgh-based nomad and singer-songwriter Sarah Stawski (She/Her), known as STAWSKI. Our conversation with Sarah was a comforting reconnection with an old friend. We discussed her debut EP, Ex Nihalo, artistic inspirations, quarantine (always), and our favorite (and least favorite) things about the L Word.

STAWSKI's first Spotify release, Ex Nihilo, debuted in 2020 right before the pandemic. Sarah discusses her inspiration for the EP in her Music That Connects session and even played two songs from it - "Closer to You" and "St. Januarius."

To hear more from the emo artist from Pittsburgh, check out @stawskimusic on Instagram and Twitter. Hear her music here. We highly recommend checking out her music videos too! They're works of art.

Sarah's Favorite Shirt: "Vulnerability Is In"

Want to see the full live stream event, hear Sarah's secrets to being a "chosen one" at T Swift concerts, and learn more about her? Check out the live stream below!

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