MUSIC THAT CONNECTS//ZYS WEST Chats About Art, Music, and Singing Hypothetical Karaoke

March 24, 2021 | We had a conversation with Kentucky-based potter, photographer, and singer-songwriter Zys West (They/Them). Our conversation with Zys (rhymes with abyss) felt like one with an old friend although we only knew each other from the internet and DIY music scene. We discussed their artistic inspirations, finding inspiration during quarantine, their musical journey, and our mutual mourning of the community found in gay bars.

Zys West celebrated their first Bandcamp release in 2018 with their first demo album, homo femina. Since 2018, they have gone on to release three singles, one EP, and one full-length album called, the common lack of wealth. This full-length album featured writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and album art by the singer-songwriter.

To hear more from the rockabye folk solo project from Kentucky, check out @zyswest on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter. Hear their music here. These songs will have an impact on you. We highly recommend "25" or "The Way to Work" from the common lack of wealth.

Zy's Favorite Shirt: “Custom Pronouns Shirt”

Want to see the full live stream event, hear new, unreleased music, and learn more about Zys? Check out the live stream below!

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