(no subject) apparel Livestream Launch Featuring Music from Indianapolis Folk-Punk Band

On March 3rd, we held our release live stream on Instagram which featured Dana (They/Them) from Dana Skully and the Tiger Sharks from Indianapolis, IN. We spoke about the origins of (no subject) apparel and where “GAYBY," our first shirt design, came from. Since an inspiring November visit to Mississippi, we knew it was time to make this dream into a reality. That's where (no subject) apparel and our clothing that connects was born.

After sharing a few of the newly released shirt designs, Dana played their songs “Organ Donor”, “Learning to Take Up Space”, and a new song titled “You Will Not Destroy Me.” The band’s Spotify describes them as “power pop for introspective 20 somethings.” They’ve been working on a new album we’re very excited about. Until the release of it, you can listen to their album Burn Trailer Down, I Am Not Coming Back. They’re certainly one of our favorite bands, so we were thrilled we got to have them on.

Dana’s Favorite Shirt: “they/them/theirs”

Want to learn where the name (no subject) apparel came from? Want to hear some new tunes from Dana Skully? Watch the video from March 3rd's Instagram LIVE, also available @nosubjectapparel!

The Music That Connect and Community That Connects live streams will be held every other week with LGBTQIA+ musicians, visual artists, writers, entrepreneurs, educators, and more. If you’re interested in being a guest at any time, please feel free to reach out to us any time at nosubjectapparel@gmail.com.

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