Six LGBTQIA+ Podcasts To Binge In Spring 2021

Podcasts have boomed since the beginning of quarantine. Podcasts are a great way to inform and entertain yourself while finding a sense of community. Especially since the pandemic, podcasts have been a wonderful refuge for us to seek out our community when we all felt so disconnected. It’s also why we started (no subject) apparel! We definitely listen to podcasts now more than we ever have, especially in the last two months. There are so many great LGBTQIA+ related podcasts to choose from, so we decided to list six of our recent favorites to give you somewhere to start. They’re in no particular order and we recommend giving each a listen.


If you love The L Word, this is definitely for you. Leisha Hailey (she/her) and Kate Moennig (she/her) (aka. Alice and Shane from the show) are real-life best friends. It’s a form of constant nostalgia to listen to them talk about random things. There’s no set topic. They do episodes where they answer listeners’ questions but other episodes include discussions about their home improvement projects, high school stories, astrology, or discussions with other guests. Just about every member of the original The L Word cast has been on an episode. Personally, it was great to listen to an update with Erin Daniels (aka. Dana Fairbanks).


Cameron Esposito (she/her) is one of our favorite comedians. Queery focuses on telling the stories of LGBTQ members and discusses sexuality, gender, and civil rights. There are guests of all kinds from musicians, actors/actresses, drag queens, writers, and even an astronaut. While we’re discussing Cameron, you should also check out her comedy specials and recent book, Save Yourself. Cameron has a Patreon you can support here.

We’re Having Gay Sex

On We’re Having Gay Sex, Ashley Gavin (she/her) and her sidekick, Gara Lonning (they/them), interview people from all across the gender and sexuality spectrums. There are some serious conversations, but it's pretty light-hearted and easy to listen to - full of stories of all kinds of rendezvous. There have been several times in the office, which if you didn’t catch by the name, we should note it’s fairly NSFW, we have caught ourselves pausing episodes, holding back explosive laughter. Ashley is an awesome human too and has a Patreon you can support here.

En(ba)by: A Podcast About Gender

Gara Lonning (they/them), the “youth in the sound booth” from We’re Having Gay Sex, hosts their own podcast called En(ba)by: A Podcast About Gender with their friends/roommates, Maggie Dunleavy (he/they) and Basil Lee (they/them). While this podcast occasionally features some awesome guests like Dylan Adler and Jes Tom, we love the honest conversations the three of them have about gender. Like We’re Having Gay Sex, there are many serious moments and excellent opportunities to learn more about your own identity, there are also many times you will find yourself laughing along with them as they recount stories from their past and present. You can support En(ba)by’s Patreon here.

Headwrap to Hoodrat: A Decolonized Podcast

Headwrap to Hoodrat is hosted by Ericka Hart (she/they) and Ebony Donnley (he/him). Their podcast tackles a variety of topics centered around black queerness, pop culture, and white supremacy. If you’re looking for a podcast about politics, love, and art, then this #theblackpoweredpodcast is perfect for you!

To monetarily support Hoodrat to Headwrap, donate to their Venmo @Ericka-Hart or PayPal:

Don’t Ask Tig

Tig Notaro is another one of our favorite comedians. By now, you’ve probably heard of her. As it turns out, her wife also plays Stephanie (Alice’s girlfriend) on The L Word: Generation Q. We learned that from an episode featuring Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey from The L Word and the previously mentioned Podcast, Pants. Don’t Ask Tig features Tig joined by guests and experts to discuss different topics and also answer questions sent in by listeners. If you like a dry sense of humor, this is for you! Recent guests include Sarah Paulson, Reese Witherspoon, Jameela Jamil, and Molly Ringwald.

Have you listened to any of the above podcasts? If so, what’s your favorite episode? If not, what are some of your favorite LGBTQIA+ podcasts? We would love to check them out!

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